by Kathleen Szoke

                                          I want to write a poem
                                          like the pictures we drew as children
                                          with a yellow circle sun
                                          jabbing its stick rays
                                          across a page-white sky
                                          brown trunked trees
                                          with puffy green tops
                                          some with apples scattered
                                          like ruby stars among the foliage
                                          the landscape a straight green line
                                          across the page
                                          below is ground, above is sky
                                          a blue house centred on this linear plane
                                          a door, two windows, curtained
                                          and a chimney puffing grey smoke
                                          – but words are never as simple
                                          as that flat crayon-coloured world
                                          you could draw in a few minutes
                                          or linger, brow furrowed in concentration
                                          as you perfected creation like a god
                                          reproduce it endlessly
                                          with minor variations:
                                          today the house will be red.


Picture was first published in The Antigonish Review, Spring 2013.