by Kathleen Szoke

                                       I often dream of houses, many-roomed
                                       and vast, connecting halls and windows large
                                       and small, with doors and archways leading who
                                       knows where, and ceilings low and soaring high,
                                       a corner here, an alcove there, a step
                                       goes up, and here three steps go down, a door
                                       hangs open next to one still closed, and here
                                       a corridor turns left and stairs ascend.
                                       I never can remember, when I wake
                                       in mornings light, if there was furniture
                                       in these dream houses, or if I was there
                                       alone – it doesn’t seem to matter though
                                       but only that I sleep and enter these
                                       blank rooms to feel the space that’s held within.


Architecture was first published in Hammered Out, Issue #3, May 2004.